It appears to be just common that we ought to praise our staff for uncommon work, and that commendable execution ought to be remunerated. Be that as it may, as directors we rapidly find that group elements make singling out anybody in the group a dubious recommendation. By what means can one colleague a champ without the rest being failures?

Planning Effective Awards in an Employee Recognition Program

That is the root issue of most utilize motivation programs. They are structured as lose-lose situation. You return home with the big stake or you return home flat broke. Think about an award for most extreme brought deals to a close in a business office. This pits all your salesmen against one another. They find that undermining each other is similarly as compelling as winning new customers. It cultivates neurosis and doubt. And at long last, you have one champ and a lot of displeased washouts. As supervisors, we must discover and uncover the capability of everybody in the group. And on the off chance that you plan the awards appropriately, they will go about as a rising tide for all the colleagues.

The key is to configuration awards that follow up all in all group when sought after, not simply the person. Along these lines, simply taking a stab at the prize improves your group. Everybody in the group has just won before you report the champ. Think about the accompanying rules:

  • Compete against yourself, not your group. You ought to abstain from contrasting an individual and the group custom awards. Individual Best awards perceive genuine accomplishment of a representative at any level, and it is anything but difficult to get behind commending somebody’s accomplishments when it is not reliant on your own disappointments.
  • Helping rises to doing. For each award you plan, there ought to be an accomplishment award for meeting the objective and an award for helping other people meet the objective. This places representative acknowledgment in administration of your entire group. All things considered, what you need is for your master sales reps to transform every other person into specialists, as well. Why not reward that? Compensations for helping other people succeed make a rising tide.
  • Achievement first, at that point acknowledgment. Conduct science has demonstrated that carrot and stick sparks smother group inventiveness. Your group quits asking how we might improve things here. And just asks how might I win that award? But in the event that awards are offered after an accomplishment rather than guaranteed before one, they energize inventive reasoning.
  • Let your group choose. Accomplishment first awards risk partiality or seeming discretionary. To apply them appropriately, the victor should be out of your hands. Approach your group for selections and have them conclude who ought to get the award.

On the off chance that your group chips away at ventures together, it is conceivable to mechanize the entire award and acknowledgment process along these rules. The best piece of a robotized framework is that it monitors everybody’s presentation for you and simultaneously removes you from the condition: nobody can guarantee preference or mediation.