Tadoba National Park or Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve is one of the biggest and best national parks situated at Chandrapur Dist in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the 47 Project Tiger national parks in India. It is quite a stunning and exquisite paradise situated around 45 kilometres from Chandrapur District and 150 km from Nagpur, which is also the nearest airport. It is named after the god Taru Tadoba’ that is well praised by the regional tribes. Andhari is named after Andhari River. The Taru was regarded as a chief of village and he had been killed by a tiger in a fierce encounter. Therefore, the tribes assembled a shrine in the name of God Taru. It is well known to be possessed by Gond tribes that had their official land in Central India.

National Park

You can enjoy tiger safari Tadoba National Park from October 15 To June 30 annually. Along with it, you may enjoy safari from October 1 on booking. The best thing is that the national park is open all 7 days a week. Up to now, the national park is closed every Tuesday but it will also open on Tuesday according to rule. Contrary to Pench National Park, Bandhavgarh and Kanha parks, camera shooting is billed individually, in accordance with the size of your lens. The fees for tiger safari are high for the foreign tourists compared to Indians. Tourists can easily avail online safari bookings. To journey from Nagpur to Tadoba, you may also avail car rental providers and reserve luxury taxi to enjoy the tour. The national park has southern tropical deciduous forest and dry Vegetation that is spread over 626 sq. km. Teak is the well-known tree species in this forest. It is few lakes in the forest region to give the richness of water and aquatic life. Irai Lake is one of the most frequent lakes among tourists.

It is because this lake stays full all the year round and it is still unharmed by intense summers. These lakes are known to be the prime source of water for animals and natural habitat for crocodiles. The Majority of the regions of the forest are filled with hilly areas, by Covering the Andhari and Chimur hills as well as the sanctuary covers Kolsa and Moharli ranges. It has a great deal of hills and terranis to work as a shelter to a number of wild species. It is understood that theĀ national parks in india has great sighting and availability to a number of wild animals and wild fans from several areas of the world gather here. It is famous for smooth meadows, dense forest areas, and deep valleys. It really provides great sightings to the tigers, despite being low in population. The park has amazing atmosphere and potential to stabilize a good deal of tigers with terrific park area.