It is estimated that over 21 Million women in the usa are currently experiencing the effects of baldness are their baldness options out there for the woman. Alopecia is a devastating illness in all of its forms and its victims are usually prepared to accept anything required to undo the consequences. A popular alternative for men is a hair transplant with almost 90% qualified for the procedure. Regrettably, the answer is often no. Hair loss patterns in women and men differ greatly with guys losing in spots usually on the surface of the head or front and girls being affected by diffuse hair loss throughout the head. For a hair transplant to function, there needs to be a fantastic donor website. For guys, the sides and back of their mind stay unaffected by alopecia and for that reason are perfect donor websites. The ideal donor site is untouched by the consequences of baldness and sadly most girls don’t have any such locations.

Hair Transplant

The hormone blamed for baldness Is called dihydrotestosterone which is a male hormone that shrinks follicles on the mind. In females, this hormone sadly resides in all or the majority of the follicles. Therefore, potential donor regions in females are somewhat shaky. There is absolutely no distinctive hair transplant for women especially that could stop the transfer of DHT from donor regions to those needing fresh growth. There is a silver lining, however. Approximately 2-5% of females are great candidates for a hair transplant for women. These girls are often affected by alopecia areata as opposed to androgenetic alopecia. In alopecia areata, the immune system is to blame for baldness as opposed to hormones. Additionally, those who suffer from hair loss due to injury like a chemical burn, automobile accident or fire make ideal candidates for a hair transplant for women.

Since awareness about female Balding is recently rising, soon there could just be a targeted hair transplant for women. It is a frequent misconception that baldness are state of the art processes. They are really quite primitive and because of development and research. There are many drugs that Can help with hair loss including Rogaine and antiandrogens for hormonal instances. Hair loss may also be temporary and a hair transplant could be unnecessary. A hair transplant in pune is sadly not a feasible choice for most and the ones that are eligible should research all their other options with a doctor. Going under the knife should always be the last resort. The best news is that there is hope on the horizon. Recent developments have enabled women with scars on their mind to get special hair transplants which are extremely different from the kind normally received by men. This means that the health care world is changing and adapting to take female baldness for a condition with several victims that are crying out for a solution.