You will see a ton of confounding terms tossed around to depict sandals – here is a short glossary that will make them cause your companions to remain alert with your amazing information on the universe of sandals. Furthermore we will reveal to you where to wear these styles.

sandals for men


This shoe frequently has numerous ties on the bottom to hold the foot to the upper underside and one thick band that circumvents the lower leg. They are so named as combatants wore this sort of shoe when battling.

Game Sandals

Any shoe explicitly intended for climbing or different exercises. The vast majority of the more agreeable sandals fit in this classification. You will often see them being worn by men and understudies in the mid year these more easygoing sandals are best kept to easygoing settings and out of the workplace or the dance floor.


So named for the sound that they make when the wearer strolls, the flip-lemon or zori shoe is approximately made sure about to the foot by methods for a lash in the middle of the toes. The flip-flop began from the Japanese zori which was officially worn with white socks in any event they were not dark. Flip-flops are best saved for the sea shore or around the house as it were.

City Sandal

This famous term implies a shoe that you would not take climbing – viably something contrary to a game shoe. They are made for stalling out and are normally very dressy in their plan. Work suitable sandals.

Night Sandals

A night shoe is intended to look hot. Pick a night sandals for men with a thicker heel on the off chance that you intend to invest some energy moving a more slender, more refined heel is ideal for supper and easygoing discussion with companions.

Exceptional Occasion Sandals

This term for the most part applies to marriage sandals, yet can allude to a dressier night shoe also. An extremely dressy event or a wedding require these sandals.


The mainstream obstructs available today fuse a plug heel. Contingent upon the dressiness of the upper, these sandals can be work, supper or even dance proper.


A T-Strap comes up between the toes and snares onto a lower leg tie to hold the foot solidly set up with negligible inclusion of the foot. An easygoing shoe implied for nights and ends of the week out, not an office choice.

Toe Loop

The toe circle or toe ring shoe will keep the little toe immovably set up; additionally an exceptionally mainstream style this season. Like the T-Strap, the easygoing idea of this shoe normally mean it is best bound to territories outside of the corporate work space.